2014-2015 Annual Report

                                                         Envision Opelika Foundation, Inc.

                                                                  Annual Report

                                                   October 1, 2014-September 30, 2015


  • New board members elected:  Lisa Ruffin, Trip Garner, Billy Parker, Richard LaGrande, Tommy Cummings

Vision Statement:

  • 2025 Vision Statement adopted  

Web Site:

  • Dale Vaughn of V-3 Media agreed to help with the website and process is 


Task Forces:

   1.   Downtown Redevelopment

  • Met with Jeff Kappelman and Pam Powers-Smith for update on downtown 

                 termite treatment

  • Received updates on new businesses locating in downtown
  • Opelika Character Council

            *    Promoted the monthly character traits through various media and articles

  • Character signs were placed at Sportsplex and Police Department in addition to public school buildings and central office
  • Partnered with Southern Union to host the 5K and 1 mile run/walk fundraiser 

And renamed the 2 X 2 Unity Run to the Bison Stampede to raise funds for  the Character Council projects and for Southern Union Wellness program

            *   Recognized students with perfect attendance at OHS in March

            *   Recognized students on the honor roll at OMS

            *   Delegation met with Dr. Mark Neighbors about emphasis on the arts and             

                 athletic programs and recruiting young families

            *  Commendation to City Schools through a resolution presented to the Opelika 

                School Board for character development and for perfect attendance

  • Explored possibility of billboard but decided against it
  • Distributed OHS Perspective Magazine to 20 individuals
  • Transferred $2,000 to the Community Foundation

   3.  Cultural Arts Center

            *  New sign designed

            *  Purchased a stove for the kitchen

            *  Resolved issue with insurance on stolen copper pipe from HVAC unit

            *  Trinity Presbyterian Church leased  the building through September 6th 2015

            *  Museum of East Alabama approved to store items in building gratis

            *  Planning underway for the Arts Association of East Alabama to move their 

                Offices into the building

Envision Opelika 2025 Update

  1. Neighborhood Development/Housing Begin to develop a plan to recruit young families to live in Opelika 
  • Arts and EntertainmentUpdates monthly on various art activities in downtownDiscussions about new arts facility downtownBegin to explore possibility of Art Magnet School
  • Crime and Safety

                       *  Participated in National Night Out and helped expand the event

     4.    Recreation, Health, Wellness, Environmental/Green Space

         *   Shirley Lazenby spearheading a bicycle group to develop bike plan for the city

         *  Matthew Battles of Parks and Rec  developing plan to develop Floral Park

  •   Education, Family and Youth Development 

  *     Focused on 2 issues:  resilience of perseverance of youth and fatherhood 

            *     Partnering with the Family Resource Center

*    Antoine Harvis from the Family Resource Center introduced as coordinator of             the new Fatherhood Initiative

                                                                                                                                                   Guest Speakers at Board Meetings:

  1. Pam Powers-Smith and Jeff Kappelman – Termite Issue
  2. Chris George and Kyle Sandler –  Round House    
  3. Shirley Lazenby – Opelika  a Bicycle  Friendly City  
  4. Dr. Glenda Colagross and Dr. Linda North – presentation on Southern Union Community College  programs, events and partnerships

Outside Meetings:

  1. Tom and Barbara met with Aaron Fortner, Nathan and Jimmy Wright and received report on Carver-Jeter plan      
  2. Tom and Barbara met with Dr. Glenda Colagross, Dr. Linda North, and Amy Rogers to discuss Southern Union becoming more involved in community
  3. Tom, Dora, Jake, and Rusty met with Dr. Mark Neighbors to discuss working with the school system and how we can help with education and recruitment of young families through various means